Version 2.3.0 (May 2011) for Mathematica 8

A free Mathematica add-on for Dirac Bra-Ket Notation, Quantum Algebra, Quantum Computing and the QHD approximation to the Heisenberg Equations of Motion

by José Luis Gómez-Muñoz and Francisco Delgado 

For questions please send an e-mail to Dr. Francisco Delgado

Download and installation instructions

Screenshots and Videos

    Quantum`Notation` screenshot 1 (Quantum Random Walk in Dirac Notation)

    Quantum`Notation` screenshot 2 (Quantum Harmonic Oscillator)

    Quantum`Notation` screenshot 3 (Algebra of Pauli Operators)

    Quantum`Notation` screenshot 4 (Operator and Commutator Algebra)

    Quantum`Computing` screenshot 1 (Quantum Circuits, Dirac Notation and Matrix Notation)

    Quantum`Computing` screenshot 2 (Quantum circuit implementation of Grover's Algorithm)

    Quantum`Computing` screenshot 3 (Adiabatic Quantum Computing for the 3-SAT problem)

    Quantum`QHD` screenshot 1 (QHD for a Morse Potential representing the O-H Bond of the Water Molecule)

    Quantum for Students 1

    Quantum for Students 2

    Quantum Mathematica Videos in YouTube: 

Publications and research done with Quantum Mathematica

    Bell Measurements and Quantum Teleportation using Entangled Single Spins in Nitrogen-Vacancy Diamond Defects

    Quantum control on entangled bipartite qubits

    Measurement in control and discrimination of entangled pairs under self-distortion

    Entanglement and control operations in Heisenberg 3-D interactions of two qubits

    Characterization process of emission sources of spin entangled pairs with several species

    Teleportation algorithm using two species of entangled pairs


    Quantum Mechanics in Mathematica

    Quantum Computing in Mathematica

    Quantized Hamilton Dynamics (QHD) approximation to the Heisenberg Equations of Motion


Download and Installation Instructions

    Download Quantum

    Installation Instructions (PDF)

    Installation Instructions (Mathematica Notebook)



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