Luis E. Herrera, PhD.

Luis E. Herrera is an Associate Professor in the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the Monterrey Institute of Technology. He received his Ph.D in Industrial Engineering with special focus in Supply Chain Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2007.

His research focuses primarily on transportation and logistics systems planning and control, with a focus both on innovative modeling and solution methodologies, and on challenging application areas including dynamic and stochastic vehicle routing and scheduling, reverse logistics network design, and congestion analysis of transportation networks. His primary analysis tools are combinatorial optimization and discrete-event simulation modeling.

Dr. Herrera has published papers, speaks at continuing education short courses, develops design and analysis software, and consults in various areas of supply chain systems design. He is currently developing solutions for various problems of logistics systems (Wal-Mart, Bachoco, BIMBO, Pepsico), material flow systems, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution facilities design.

Contact Information


Email: antispam email link
Campus Phone: 55-5864-5555 x 2420
Fax: 55-5864-5319
Office Location: “Aulas I”, 1st floor, IIS Department


Twitter: @lherrerad

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