Roberto Gómez Cárdenas (ITESM-CEM), Titular Investigator




Roberto Gomez from 1983 to 1987 made his studies of degree Monterrey Institute of Technology, Campus Estado de Mexico; he graduated as Engineer in Electronic Systems. In 1990 he received the degree of Master in Computer Systems of the same institution, with specialty in Computer Graphics. The University of Paris 7, in France, he obtained the DEA in 1991 with the specialty in the area of compilers. From 1991 he registered in the University of Paris 8, and began his work of investigation of doctorate in the research laboratory INRIA-Roquencourt, in France, within the equipment of investigation PARADIS. In 1995 he received the degree of Doctor in Computer Sciences with specialty in Distributed Systems by the University of Paris 8, with the mention Three Honorable.

From 1995 to these days he is professor-investigator in the department of Computer Sciences at the ITESM CEM, where he is professor, emphasizing the courses of operating systems, distributed systems, cryptology and network security. He is adviser of several theses of masters in the security area and distributed algorithms. At the moment he dedicates a 50% of its time to investigation tasks.

He has collaborated in works of investigation with the laboratories LRIA of the University of Paris the 8 and CEDRIC of the CNAM. From 1997 to the 2000 he received support from CONACyT through program REDII for the project “Security of Virtual Laboratories”.

Dr Roberto Gomez is member of the following associations: IEEE, ACM, ALAPSI (Latin American Association of Professionals in Computer science Security), and IACR (International Association Cryptologic Research). Since June 2002 he is member of the National System of Investigators. He also is part of the committee of program of international conference OPODIS. He is responsible for the Computer Security Class that is distributed altogether with ALAPSI. Also he is part of the committee of revision of the magazine Studia Informatica of the University of Paris 8, France.

His areas of interest are the Operating systems, Distributed Systems and the Computer Security, mainly Cryptology. He has participated in different consultancies to institutions, as much public as private, in the area of computer security.

Present investigation projects :

Model of information integration for analysis of data

Design of a distribution protocol and administration of keys